Traveling is and probably has always been considered a group activity, but it really doesn’t need to be. There are many benefits to traveling alone as opposed to with a significant other or with friends and family. While it can be difficult at first, learning to travel by yourself can be liberating and certainly life-changing when you return home again.

You decide everything

Obviously, if you’re the only one invited on the trip, you’ll be able to decide exactly what to do, where to eat, who to engage with in conversation, and what the next stop is on the trip. What could mean a conversation or even argument with your fellow traveling companion is not up for debate when you travel solo. Want to take the next stop on the subway just to see what is there, go ahead. Have a hankering for sushi? Go get some. You can make the most of your trip and define the itinerary as you go.

Gives you a boost of confidence

Since you’re calling all the shots and learning about your surroundings as you go, you’ll ultimately give yourself a vote of confidence that will carry you to the next destination or follow you home.

You can save money

If you want to travel and are budget-conscious, you can easily make the trip as inexpensive as possible with little effort. If you’re not concerned where you get the majority of your meals from, you can be frugal and only eat at restaurants that fit your budget. If you travel with someone else, they’ll likely have their own idea of where they want to eat and it might not fit into how much you’d like to spend. You also don’t have to go along with any activity that you consider outside of your price range, just because your travel companion wants to do it.

You’ll appreciate coming home

There’s no denying the thrill you have when you get to use your time off from work and take some time to travel. Going to a new place can be incredibly enjoyable, but you will also learn to appreciate the satisfaction of coming home again.

No drama

Most of us have experienced our fair share of fights and arguments during a vacation that is supposed to be fun and relaxing. When traveling alone, not only do you not have to worry about what anyone else wants to do, you also don’t need to tip toe around someone else or worry about whether or not you might get into a dramatic argument with another person.


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