On the ‘dangers’ of female travel

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This could just be a story about countries deemed dangerous for women to travel to. But it’s more than that. This is a story about our perception of danger and how we’re told time and time again that the unfamiliar and the foreign are more dangerous to us than what is on our own doorstep.

A couple of months back, British tabloid the Daily Mail ran a story in their travel section titled ‘Sex attacks, muggings, and harassment: World’s most dangerous holiday destinations for women (and some of them may surprise you)’. The top ten list declared India; Brazil; Turkey; Thailand; Egypt; Colombia; South Africa; Morocco; Mexico; and Kenya to be the most dangerous countries for female travellers.

We’ll get back to that shortly.  First I want to tell you about a strange encounter I had in Medellin, Colombia in 2001.

After a hard couple of days travelling…

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Top Travel Destinations in West Africa

The New York Times recently released their notorious list on some of the best places to travel in the world. Among the places featured were destinations in South Africa, Colombia, Tanzania and Zimbabwe, countries linked or rooted in African culture.

As more African-Americans travel all over the world, it is important to continually highlight Africa and areas in the world influenced by the continent as a great space to explore identity and history.

Here are some of the best places to visit in West Africa, home of one of one of the largest cities (Lagos, Nigeria) on the continent. The western region of Africa boasts some of the most beautiful beaches along the coast line, fresh food, history and vibrant cities .

Calabar, Cross River state, Nigeria

Seated in the lush Southeast belt of Nigeria, this gem is slowly becoming one of the best places to visit in the Country. Calabar’s government has made toursim one of it’s strongest priorities , and it shows in how catered the state is to the business. To get the most out of Calabar, visit the Marina Resort, the Drill Ranch , the historical slave museum and enjoy some of Calabar’s finest food.

Accra, Ghana

Ghana is usually one of the first countries people visit when they travel to West Africa. To get the most of this experience, visit Bojo Beach, Kwame Nkrumah Memorial. Aburi Botanical Gardens, kokrobite beach and the famous James Town.

Lome, Togo 

Once dubbed the “pearl” of West Africa, this vibrant African city rests on a beautiful coast line, and home to some of the best resorts in the region. Discover Togo through the 5 Day Castle tour, the Grand Marche “the big market”, Monument De l’independence and the National Museum. Lome also boasts a great nightlife scene and is a country filled with very friendly people

The Importance of Patient Centered Electronic Health Records

With much fear surrounding the use of electronic medical and health records, it is important to continually highlight the benefits of adopting medical software in the hospital system. Adopting electronic medical records not only decreases hospital costs, physician time spent looking up records, it also helps to generate critical data on patients. 0313-electronic-med-records-630x420

The collection of critical data can mean all the difference between halfway and full recovery for a patient. On a large scale, it can help health care administrators decide if one course of treatment applied to one patient can be applied to another. On a smaller scale, it can provides patients the necessary relief they need when dealing with their own information.

In this article titled Patient- Reported Data Can Help People Make Better Healthcare Choices, the writer examines some challenges to patient care stating that, “most patients don’t embark on a health care experience with a thorough understanding of available treatment options and their anticipated health outcomes. They need tools to help them make value-based, fully informed decisions about their care.”

In supporting this statement, a 2015 Institute of Medicine report named Core Metrics for Health and Health Care Progress reflects a broad approval of collecting critical data due its improvement on the performance of the health care system and patient’s health care outcomes.

The report also calls to action, the need to make more electronic medical records patient centered. A well designed EMR system adopts a patient centered approach and this approach features information on outcomes associated with specific treatments. Studies show that a patient centered approach to electronic medical records gives patients a better sense of satisfaction and patients are also more likely to choose high value care based on the data collected.

They say that with great power comes great responsibility. Electronic medical records continue to generate apprehension due to it’s capacity for data collection, which is also its capacity for ruin if such data falls into the hands of hackers. But if the goal is to keep electronic medical records patient centered, the best practical step to begin with is giving patients clear access to information in plain language. This makes the data easier to understand and also removes the element of uncertainty.

Information is courtesy of the Harvard Business Review

2 Important Things Women Need To Know When Traveling Alone

As flights become cheaper and more people travel in and out of the United States, young people in the age 19-25 demographic are embarking on solo travel trips around the world. Men are predominantly known for taking this initiative, to pick up a backpack and make their way across the globe. With more women circumventing the globe on their own, it seems that traveling is no longer an activity for the solo man. Young women are making strides in building their international and domestic resumes, and this is very admirable.


Safety remains the number one priority for women as they make their way around the globe in search of adventure. The Huffington Post is committed to creating content on tips and advice for women who want to circumnavigate the world on their own. You can find some of their essays and pieces on the “Women Traveling Alone” portion of their website. Here are some tips for women looking to travel the globe by themselves.

Research the facts of the area you are visiting

Allowing yourself to be influenced by media stereotypes and biased news can really affect your traveling experience. Researching the areas of travel of travel and following up on current news locally and internationally can help you ease the burden of travelling alone. The saying goes that “Knowledge is power” so educating yourself is of primary importance. Using mobile apps to look up reviews from bloggers and travelers is also a strong approach for preparing yourself.

Learn the language and customs

Language apps like duo lingo or even software like Rosetta Stone can prove to be really helpful in learning a new language. If you don’t want to be caught looking lost on the street or like a stranger, learning important phrases and greetings can make transitioning and movement in your new environment easier. Locals also appreciate when visitors take the time to learn customs and understand their language.

To learn more about how you can be safe traveling alone as a woman, visit this great read on The Huffington Post