2 Important Things Women Need To Know When Traveling Alone

As flights become cheaper and more people travel in and out of the United States, young people in the age 19-25 demographic are embarking on solo travel trips around the world. Men are predominantly known for taking this initiative, to pick up a backpack and make their way across the globe. With more women circumventing the globe on their own, it seems that traveling is no longer an activity for the solo man. Young women are making strides in building their international and domestic resumes, and this is very admirable.


Safety remains the number one priority for women as they make their way around the globe in search of adventure. The Huffington Post is committed to creating content on tips and advice for women who want to circumnavigate the world on their own. You can find some of their essays and pieces on the “Women Traveling Alone” portion of their website. Here are some tips for women looking to travel the globe by themselves.

Research the facts of the area you are visiting

Allowing yourself to be influenced by media stereotypes and biased news can really affect your traveling experience. Researching the areas of travel of travel and following up on current news locally and internationally can help you ease the burden of travelling alone. The saying goes that “Knowledge is power” so educating yourself is of primary importance. Using mobile apps to look up reviews from bloggers and travelers is also a strong approach for preparing yourself.

Learn the language and customs

Language apps like duo lingo or even software like Rosetta Stone can prove to be really helpful in learning a new language. If you don’t want to be caught looking lost on the street or like a stranger, learning important phrases and greetings can make transitioning and movement in your new environment easier. Locals also appreciate when visitors take the time to learn customs and understand their language.

To learn more about how you can be safe traveling alone as a woman, visit this great read on The Huffington Post