About Jiea Rutland-Simpson

Jiea Rutland-Simpson is an avid traveller looking to experience different cultures and societies. From an early age Jiea travelled with her family, taking road trips around the country to see more of the United States, and eventually, the world. She enjoys traveling with her own family to experience the world, it’s various cultures and societies. Some of her favorite memories have been while she was traveling the country and around the world.

As a mother, Jiea Rutland-Simpson now loves taking her own children around the world to experience new cultures and grow the way that she did when she was younger. Jiea has visited 17 other countries and only expects this number to increase every year.
Image of Jiea Rutland-Simpson for website

Jiea Rutland-Simpson was born in Nashville, Tennessee. At a young age, she was  highly interested in medicine and helping people with illnesses through science. 

She took her interests to Spelman College, where she studied Biology as a prerequisite for medicine. When she graduated from university she realized she wanted to work in the medical field but in a position where she could build relationships with professionals in the community. Jiea was able to use her passion for meeting new people and understanding new cultures in her first position following her Bachelor’s degree. She has always been interested in hearing from the community and engaging with new ideas, and this role fueled her next venture of securing her Master’s degree.

After garnering work experience, Jiea pursued her Masters in Business Administration from the University of Miami concentrating in management and marketing. After working in pharmaceuticals, where she managed relationships between healthcare professionals and local community physicians, her interest in understanding how electronic medical can improve physicians practice influenced her to apply and gain admission to pursue her masters of science degree in Health Information Management. During her career, Jiea Rutland-Simpson has won several awards for her outstanding work in pharmaceutical sales.

Following her receiving her MBA from the University of Miami, Jiea decided to look across the country for a job in health management and landed in Texas. At this time, Jiea is the physician relationship manager and service line administrator for the Valley Baptist Health System in Harlingen, Texas. Valley Baptist Health System has been around for over 90 years and provides exceptional services to those in Harlingen and Brownsville, Texas. The institutions employee over 2,000 employees and 375 medical staff members, who provide excellent care and compassion every day, in line with the mission of the facility that is steeped in faith.

Within her role, Jiea Rutland-Simpson helps the health system reach the community by developing the communication strategies and fine-tuning community relations. It’s important for the communities of Harlingen and Brownsville to know that Valley Baptist Health System stands beside them and are aware of the multitude of services being offered within their area. Jiea works to improve the influence of Valley Baptist, reaching them through social media campaigns online. Social media and online communications have become pivotal in many people’s lives, which is why Jiea makes it a point to reach them through this channel.

Another facet of Jiea’s current rule is to help with the communication within the medical facilities and other medical professionals within the local community. Over the past several years, technology has enabled healthcare professionals to enhance electronic health records and billing systems, which ultimately reduces patient registration time. Jiea helped to manage the transition to a new, advanced system that alleviated a lot of work for the medical staff and also alleviated inconvenience for patients.

Aside from her career, Jiea is also passionate about advocating for teen pregnancy initiatives and programs, and also raising awareness for prostate cancer and diabetes. Being fluent in English and Spanish, Jiea created literature in Spanish about diabetes and also conducted in-service training on insulin injection and carbohydrate counting.

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